jQuery – Function


Function of jQuery After including jQuery in the project you are doing, you should find out how select the items in which it is present. Be aware that jQuery can be passed with a bunch of arguments such as strings which contain CSS selectors. These selectors are useful for selecting HTML elements of behavior. So, […]

Python – Introspection

Python – Introspection In Python, as you will understand, everything in Python is an object , and the introspection technique is nothing more than code which examines other modules and functions in memory as objects, obtains information about them and those who handle them. By the way, you will be able to define unnamed functions, call them […]

Computer – Components

computer components

Components of a Computer System A computer is a system with many parts to work together. The physical parts that you can see and touch are collectively referred to as hardware. The following shows the most common hardware in a desktop computer system. Is yours the system may look a little different, but it probably […]

Computer – Introduction

computer introduction

In today’s world, wherever we go, we are surrounded by different species computers. They allow us to send or receive data from anywhere in the world with one click. Today we can write emails, play games, watch television, listen to music, work with the data of our office, watch video lectures and do endless things […]