Android – Specification

Currently, Android platform is only used in mobile phones or tablets, it is not. In fact, Android Platform is an operating system developed for small devices like Mobile like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS, which can be used as a platform in any digital device.


That is why not only Mobile Phones and Tablet PCs based on Android platform are coming, but Google has also started adding it to Set-Top Boxes and TVs, which is known as Google TV. Similarly, Android platform is being used as the main platform in various other digital devices such as Cars, Airplanes and Robots.

Nevertheless, the Android platform was originally developed only for small screen devices that do not have the same keyboard-like hardware input device as they do with computer systems, rather these devices for data input. I use their Touch Screens only on which the Virtual Keyboard is made.

So it can be believed that the Android platform is going to be developed in future also for small screen devices such as Smart-Phones and this situation is both an advantage and a drawback for us as an Android developer.

The present day Android based Smart-Phones are quite attractive but in the mid 1990s there was a need to use Handheld Device Markup Language (HDML) to provide Internet services on mobile devices and the Internet services provided by this HDML Capabilities were also quite limited. Whereas present-day phones are very easy to use with Smart and Advance Capabilities related to Internet Services and the main reason is Apple’s iPhone. 

Even before the iPhone, many companies had Smart Phones Devices available in the market, but the most important role to make any device a Smart Device is always played by the Operating System of that device and all the other Smart Devices available before the iPhone. , Their operating systems were not so advanced as to run all the features provided by the Internet to their full potential.

So Apple first recognized this lack of operating system of smart devices at that time and developed an operating system named iOS that made Apple’s iPhone a Smart Internet Service Device just like a computer.

But because iOS was originally developed by Apple Company and Apple Company makes all its devices ( Computer, Mobile, Tablet PC, Watch, Glass, etc… ) on its own, so iOS developed by them for these devices It has its own Intellectual Property, which no other company could use in its device.

As a result , Apple had a monopoly in the market of Mobile and Tablet PCs as iPhone and iPad due to iOS, due to which Apple started to keep the prices of its products ( iPhone, iPad, Watch, Glass, etc… ) quite high and Due to being expensive, these devices could not reach the common people. Therefore, the need was felt for a platform like iOS which could eliminate Apple’s monopoly from the market of smart devices with Internet features and make the Smart Devices available to the common people like the iPhone / iPad.

As a result of this need, Android OS is in front of us, which can provide the same features as iOS completely, but it is a completely Open Source and Free Platform, due to which someone using this platform Also the company can make new devices based on Android platform.

The iPhone was developed as a Smart Device by the Apple Company , on which the services provided by the Internet can be used to their full potential in the same way that they can be used on a computer system. Is used.

In fact, Android Inc. has been in existence since 2003, many years before Apple’s iPhone came to the market. Was being developed by a company named  Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and  Chris White There was a joint development company of four people named, and these people were not originally developing an Advance Operating System for Digital Cameras but for Digital Cameras, but after working for some time, they realized that the future of Digital Cameras is not good. And Digital Cameras will really be just a feature of Mobile Phone. So these developers focused on developing the operating system for Smart Mobile Phones in place of Digital Cameras and the research work they did to create Advance Operating System for Digital Cameras, the entire research work of their Mobile Phone Operating Used to develop the system.


Although the development of Android platform was being developed by these people in the same way as the Secret Project, in 2005, the company of these developers had to face financial crunch due to which their Secret Project was no longer Secret and Google Came in sight of Google saw the bright future of this Android project because Google wanted to enter the mobile market, for which it was looking for a similar mobile operating system. As a result, Google completed Android Inc. Was acquired in 50 Million Dollars including their developers.  

Google tried to enter the mobile market with its Android OS in many ways, but by no means was it able to make more space in the mobile market, while Apple’s iPhone forced the mobile market to be launched at the same time. Capture, which was the main reason that Apple used to make its own devices whereas Android was only an operating system that required other companies to make mobile phones and no company wants to pay Google for this Android OS alone. Was.

To enter the mobile market, Google entered into a variety of agreements with various companies in many ways and after the launch of the Smart Mobile Device after the launch of the iPhone, all those companies got together and for wireless devices like mobile. Inspired to create an Open Standard Define to create Standard Operating System so that all the devices built in the future can easily communicate with each other and by the time various companies were involved for this Open Standard, Google Wireless A lot of different patents related to the devices had been registered, so Google’s Android Operating System was the most suitable, Advance and Developed OS to be used as a Prototype as a standard.

As a result, various patents registered for the Android OS became available as an Open Source Standard and as soon as the Android OS was recognized as the Open Source Standard, various companies in the world started making mobile devices using the Android OS. Diy and HTC was the first company to commercially launch Android Mobile Phone in the face of Apple’s iPhone based on Android’s Open Standard.

In this way, Apple’s iPhone became the reason for Android OS to become the Open Source Standard Platform and was used as an alternative to Apple’s iOS by companies making various Smart Devices. As a result, Apple only makes iOS based iPhone / iPad but Android based devices ( Mobile Phones, Tablets, TVs, Dish, Watch, Glass, etc… ) not only make Reputed Companies like Samsung, Sony, HTC, MicroMax, Karbonn , but Many China companies also make cheap Smart Devices, which used to make cheap Smart Devices using their own platform before Android OS became available for free.

With the introduction of iPhones / iPad launches, they became increasingly popular as they provided the facility to use the Internet to its full potential as smart devices. That is why once Android was recognized as Open Source Standard, it was originally developed by Google as an alternative to Apple’s iOS platform, so that Apple’s Monopoly in the Smart Devices market was abolished. It can be done and the Smart Devices with all the features provided by Apple iPhone can be made available to the common people at a very low cost so that they can also take advantage of Smart Devices.

So when we are doing an App Design for Android Platform, we are actually developing applications of very high quality which are based on the Open Source Standards of Android and we can do this Android Application, User iPhone / They are available at a much lower cost than the iPad or are available free because Android based devices are quite cheap.

Also, Android devices ( Smart Phones, Tablet PCs, Watch, Glass, TV, etc… ) are available at a much lower cost than iOS devices that Apple provides, so the reach of our Android Apps can reach iPhone / iPad users. There are many times more users in comparison. As a result, while keeping the price of our Android App low or free, we can also earn a lot in other ways.

But for Android based devices it is difficult to develop the program, because the screen of these devices is very small in all dimensions, their keypad is very small which is Software Keypad instead of Hardware Keypad and this Touch Keypad is also quite Are smaller. Pointing devices related to these devices are also quite small and for people who have large fingers on their hands, these small pointing devices, small screens and small touch keypad buttons pose a lot of trouble. Not only this, the speed and storage of CPU and memory of these devices are also much less compared to desktop and server computers, due to which the large application software in these devices do not perform properly.

But this is also the biggest feature of Mobile Phone Applications, that they are in a device that the user can use any time and anywhere according to his convenience to fulfill any of his specific needs.

However, low and slow CPU, RAM and low internal and external storage of mobile phones pose a lot of challenges for us as a developer, as these limitations are really no limit when developing desktop applications and modern computers of the present day. CPU, RAM and storage do not cause any special problems, rather we can easily change or upgrade them as per the requirement, but this cannot be done with mobile devices because CPU, RAM and internal storage in mobile devices It is directly soldered on the PCB itself, so it is not possible to easily upgrade the mobile devices, but the upgrading of the device simply means that the device has been changed.

But from the other point of view, when we want to develop Android based Application Programs, then as Android SDK we always have to use  Mature Languages ​​like C ++ or Java as Programming Language along with some Standard Libraries. And a standard framework has to be followed, which makes developing an Android application much easier than developing a desktop or web application.

That is, having only basic knowledge of Core Java is sufficient to develop Android applications and if you have basic knowledge of Core Java, then to develop Android applications you only have to understand Android Framework , which is completely Java Classes have to be used in a systematic way.

In other words, a Java Programmer is also a type of Android Programmer and if you have ever created a Java Applet , then it will not be difficult for you to understand Android App Development because an Android App is just like a Java Applet. Also has a fixed Life-Cycle which has certain methods and all we need to do is to override those methods according to our needs and using  different hardware of Smart Device such as using the Libraries of Android SDK provided by Google  WiFi, Bluetooth, Screen, Keypad, Sensors , etc. have to be accessed and manipulated.