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Why Microsoft developed .NET Framework

Hardware  and  Software are  two things between which there is always a competition and at no point of time they are in the same position. Sometimes hardware goes ahead, sometimes software and both of them develop new technologies in the competition to move ahead of each other. But the root cause of both of these development is the  need.

As we move towards the future, our needs are changing and new types of devices are made to meet our needs. Then new types of software are made to handle these new types of devices appropriately. Then, to make the process of making software easier, new types of design patterns are created and this process continues uninterruptedly.

That is, new type of need, then development of new types of devices to meet this need, then development of new types of software to make it possible to use these new types of devices easily, then new types of software Developing new types of Design Patterns to make them easily manageable and developing new types of Programming Languages to easily implement new Design Patterns in a Programming Language and while we approach Programming Language in this development cycle , Till then a new kind of Requirement is born, which again feels the need to develop a new type of Device to handle and this process has been going on uninterruptedly for a long time.

That is, we always have some kind of problem, for which we always keep looking for simple solutions and always keep trying to make things easier, due to which new types of problems start coming up, which again need solutions. And as a solution, then a new problem is created and we try to solve these different types of problems through devices and keep making different types of new devices. Let’s try to understand this process by an example.

Because problems are always  circular  , nothing can be said about where the problem would have started. But we assume that from the beginning of civilization, man must have understood the importance of information and found that it is not possible to remember all kinds of information. Therefore, man developed paper and pen and language so that he could write and save the information for use in future.

For some time this system would have been fine, but then the human would have started moving from one place to another, due to which he got introduced to different people and different cultures, mutual relations would be formed and Then those groups must have separated from each other because wandering is a human nature. He cannot remain stable anywhere for ever.

But even when those groups have separated from each other, they must have looked for some medium to stay connected. This quest may have forced him to develop science. As a result, after the long-term research,  the development of Radio  must have been possible.

Radio had its own limitation as only the voice from radio could be sent from one place to another, not the picture. So then a problem arose as to how to send the image with voice from one place to another, so that there could be a mutual relationship between human groups living in two remote places. Television  developed as a result  .

It was okay for some time, but then Manav realized that although Television makes a connection between two remote places, that relationship does not live. Because Television and Radio provide only  One-Way Communication  . The result was the development of  Telephone  .

Telephone was a device with which people could talk to each other live and stay connected to each other. But then a problem arose that although two people could have two -way communication with the  telephone  , but they could talk to each other only when both were with the Telephone Device at the same time.

As a result, a device was conceived that could be carried around, so that communication could be done with anyone anytime and at any time. The result was a Mobile Phone and now people see each other face-to-do thing in front, resulting  Smart Phone,  Tablet PC  and  Computer  services at  Online Net Meeting, Chatting, Instance Messaging  such arrangements.

That is, human needs decide which type of device needs to be developed and then software plays its important role in developing that device at the appropriate level because it is the software to give life to any hardware device. Without Software, no hardware is of any use.

For example, if you do not receive any response related to that button on your screen when you press any button of the mobile phone you have, then that mobile phone is of no use to you.

Because you know your mobile is alive or useful and working in the same situation, when you do some process with that Mobile Interface and that Mobile responds to your every action with a Response and this Response is always decided by Software is.

Since no hardware device understands our language, but every device understands only the machine language i.e. the  patterns of  Binary Digits and the patterns of Binary Digits.

As a result, we need a software developer of some kind of Programming Language, which depends entirely on the device which device will understand which language and which type of Response will be given in which language.

Therefore, the company that makes the device, the same company also makes a machine language of that device, but understanding the machine language is not a matter of ordinary people, so some very knowledgeable people make a  computer  ie an  Intermediate Software , which is our Language Explains Device and Device Language Explains Us.

But if different companies create different languages for different devices, then each device will have a different language, due to which one will have to learn a new Programming language to make software for each device.

The solution to this problem was to create a  Chip  , whose language is almost common and the same Chip should be programmed according to its needs to meet different needs.

As a result, this Chip was  named as  Microprocessor and at present,  Mobile, Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet PC, Smart Phone, Dish, D2H, CD / DVD Player,  etc. all use the same machine-like Microprocessors. However, we can understand how differently all these devices work with each other and how much different types of outputs are generated.

That is, DVD Player tells us audio or shows video while our Mobile Phone provides us the facility to communicate with someone else, whereas both devices are internally based on Microprocessors of the same family and software designed for both is also almost internally The same programming has been developed in the language itself. This is possible because in all these devices the microprocessors of the same family are programmed differently and the work of programming is done in some  programming language  .

That is, software is the life of any device and software is always made in some programming language. But as we have said earlier, by the time the Programming Language is developed, another new type of device comes, for which again a new Programming Language is needed.

In this way, the first attempt to avoid the circular problem related to developing a new Programming Language for each device   was Programming Language  Java developed by Sun Microsystems  and the second attempt was Framework .NET  and Programming Language  C # by Microsoft Company  . . 

Both these Programming Languages have their own specialty and both Programming Languages are the modern  and Smart Programming Languages of the present  day. Also, they are being developed in such a way that after understanding them, there is no need to learn any other Programming Language to program any device.

Although  Java is  a  Platform  and  Hardware Architecture  Independent  Programming Language Framework, which is suitable for developing software for any device,  .NET  is developed keeping in mind only Microsoft Platform. However it can also  be made as a Hardware Architecture Neutral  .

But  Java  way  Platform  and  Hardware Architecture Neutral  was paid special attention to creating,  KNET  the  Programming Language Neutral  has paid special attention to make. So that Application Software is developed in any .NET Supported Programming Language using .NET Framework, they are all compatible and interoperable to each other.

That is, the .NET Platform cannot be used only by the Programming Languages supported by Microsoft, but any Programming Language, designed keeping in mind the Microsoft .NET Architecture, can use these .NET Framework And many such languages have also been developed, which are also used to make software for platforms like Linux, Unix, MacOS using .NET Framework, but since they have very less market, these programming languages are more Has not been able to become famous.

However, the new Programming Langue designed for .NET from the very beginning by Microsoft is C # ,   while VB.NET has been redesign to make the .NET Framework usable. That is why VB.NET’s Scope is slowly ending at the present time and Microsoft’s focus is only on  C #  .

Since about 95% of  people still use Window Operating System in Desktop Technology,  Microsoft does not attach much importance to only 5% Market Cover. Although  Windows 8  as Operating System Develop by  Microsoft  ‘s Tablet PC, Microsoft’s Smart Phone and Intel Architecture Based Computers to the Cover properly the Market is, for whom Develop digestive Software fully .NET Framework-based Original Programming Languages  VB  Can be developed in .NET  and  C # .

Although a lot of Programming Languages were already available and Microsoft itself designed many Programming Languages Compilers earlier too, but Microsoft developed  C # Language  originally for .NET Framework.