Computer – Components

Components of a Computer System

A computer is a system with many parts to work together. The physical parts that you can see and touch are collectively referred to as hardware. The following shows the most common hardware in a desktop computer system. Is yours the system may look a little different, but it probably has most of these parts. A laptop has similar parts but combines them into a single laptop-sized chassis.

computer components

System unit

The system unit is the fundamental of the computer system. Usually this a rectangular box placed on or under a table. Inside this box there are lots of electronic components that process information. The most important ones components is a central processing unit (CPU) or microprocessor that acts as the “brain” of your computer. Another component is random access
memory (RAM), which temporarily stores information that the CPU uses during the computer is on. The information stored in RAM is erased when the computer shut down.

computer components

Almost all other parts of your computer are connected to the system unit using cables. Cables connect to specific ports (holes), usually at the back system unit. Equipment that is not part of the system unit is sometimes called peripheral device or device.