No.AcronymFull Form
1ASAPAs Soon As Possible
2RIPRest In Peace
3COOChief Operating Officer
4DSLRDigital Single-Lens Reflex
5DSPDeputy Superintendent of Police
6IQIntelligence Quotient
7CSTChhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
8CSTCentral Standard Time
9OKOll Korrect or Olla Kalla
10AMAnte Meridian (Before Noon)
11PMPost Meridian (After Noon)
12ATMAutomated Teller Machine
13NCRNational Capital Region
14STDSexually Transmitted Disease
15STDSubscriber Trunk Dialing
16TRPTelevision Rating Point
17IASIndian Administrative Services
18PROPublic Relations Officer
19PINPostal Index Number
20IDIdentity Document
21VIPVery Important Person
22RPORecruitment Process Outsourcing
24TVCThrust Vector Control
25TVCTotal Variable Costs
26SFCSpecial Frontier Force
27PMIPurchasing Managers’ Index
28PMIProject Management Institute
29VVIPVery Very Important Person
30NRLMNational Rural Livelihood Mission
31CICCentral Information Commission
32IRDPIntegrated Rural Development Program
33RPMRevolutions Per Minute
34SDMSub Divisional Magistrate
35SHOStation House Officer
36MISManagement Information System
37MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging
38CFLCompact fluorescent lamp
39VISAVisa International Service Association
40TTETravelling Ticket Examiner
41DJDisc Jockey
42PNRPassenger Name Record
43POLICEProtection Of Life and Investigating Criminals Establishment
44DMDistrict Magistrate
45DNADeoxyribonucleic Acid
46FIRFirst Information Report
47NDANational Democratic Alliance
48RCCReinforced Cement Concrete
49HRHuman Resource
50IPCIndian Penal Code
51MPMember of Parliament
52SPSuperintendent of Police
53FMCGFast Moving Consumer Goods
54DIGDeputy Inspector General
55UPAUnited Progressive Alliance
56PVCPoly Vinyl Chloride
57PVCPermanent Virtual Circuit
58SLRSingle Lens Reflex
59ACPAssistant Commissioner of Police
60SSBServices Selection Board
61SSFSpecial Security Force
62SUVSport Utility Vehicle
63NEWSNorth East West South
64BCBefore Christ
65POPPlaster Of Paris
66CCCubic Capacity or Cubic centimeter
67CCCash Credit
68PCSPersonal Communications Service
69PCSProvincial Civil Services
70PCSPublic Civil Service
72ODOn Duty
73AKAAlso Known As
74BTWBy the Way
75DIYDo it Yourself
76FAQFrequently Asked Questions
77NRINon-Resident Indian
78BPOBusiness Process Outsourcing
79SMSShort Messaging Service
80EPSEncapsulated Post-Script
81DIBDevice Independent Bitmap
82ZIPZone Improvement Plan
83CMDChairman & Managing Director
84ICEIn Case of Emergency
85ICEIn-Circuit Emulator
86HRDHuman Resource Department
87UAEUnited Arab Emirates
88RACReservation Against Cancellation
89GMTGreenwich Mean Time
90SITSpecial Investigation Team
91NSSNational Service Scheme
92MTAMail Transfer Agent
93ICEInstrumentation and Control Engineering
94UFOUnidentified Flying Object
95ARPAdvance Reservation Period
96DIBDirector of Intelligence Bureau
97IMSIntegrated Management Systems
98NICNational Industrial Classification
99ISAIndustry Standard Architecture
100ABGArterial Blood Gas
101AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
102BDSBachelor of Dental Surgery
103BMDBone Mineral Density
104BMIBody Mass Index
105CBCComplete Blood Count
106CMOChief Medical Officer
107DNADeoxyribonucleic Acid
108GMOGenetically Modified Organism
109HIVHuman Immunodeficiency Virus
110ICUIntensive Care Unit
111RBCRed Blood Cell
112RNARibonucleic Acid
113WBCWhite Blood Cell
114OPDOutpatient Department
115DCDistrict of Columbia
116PMPrime Minister
117CMChief Minister
118MPMember of Parliament
119DMDistrict Magistrate
120MLAMember of Legislative Assembly
121MLCMember of Legislative Council
122LDCLower Division Clerk
123UDCUpper Division Clerk
124ASMAssistant Station Master
125Lt.Gov.Lieutenant Governor
126VIPVery Important Person
127ITOIncome Tax Officer
128CIDCriminal Investigation Department
129CBICentral Bureau of Investigation
130GPOGeneral Post Office
131HQHead Quarters
132EOEErrors and Omissions Excepted
133PTOPlease Turn Over
134PWDPublic Works Department
135CPWDCentral Public Works Department
136USAUnited States of America
137UKUnited Kingdom (England)
138IGInspector General (of Police)
139DIGDeputy Inspector General (of Police)
140SSPSenior Superintendent of Police
141DSPDeputy Superintendent of Police
142SDOSub Divisional Officer
143APJ Abdul KalamAvul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam
144IPCIndian Penal Code                
145SSFSpecial Security Force
146MHAMaster of Healthcare Administration
147MHAMinistry of Home Affairs
148ICGIndian Coast Guard
149SFCSpecial Frontier Force
150IOFSIndian Ordnance Factories Service
151IASTInternational Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration
152IAFIndian Armed Forces
153BEMLBharat Earth Movers Limited
154GRSEGarden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers
155CRPFCentral Reserve Police Force
156NAANational Auctioneers Association
157SFFSpecial Frontier Force
158ITBPIndo-Tibetan Border Police
159OFBOrdnance Factories Board
160MLEMaximum Likelihood Estimation
161MLEMinistry of Labour and Employment
162NCSNational Career Service
163CIFECentral Institute of Fisheries Education
164BSFBorder Security Force
165CAPFCentral Armed Police Forces
166SSBSashastra Seema Bal
167CISFCentral Industrial Security Force
168NSGNational Security Guard
169SPGSpecial Protection Group
170RPFRailway Protection Force
171NDRFNational Disaster Response Force
172WMDWeapons of Mass Destruction
173CBWChemical and Biological Weapons
174NCMNuclear-armed Cruise Missiles
175INDIndia’s Nuclear Doctrine
176IBMDPIndian Ballistic Missile Defence Programme
177RPORecruitment Process Outsourcing
178BDOBlock Development Office
179CSTCCalcutta State Transport Corporation
180WBSTCWest Bengal Surface Transport Corporation
181NDRTCNobo Diganto Road Transport Corporation
182CTCCalcutta Tramways Company
183SBSTCSouth Bengal State Transport Corporation
184IRBInstitutional Review Board
185BOOTBuild Own Operate Transfer
186NLMNational Library of Medicine
187NCBINational Center for Biotechnology Information
188ICFIntegral Coach Factory