Java – History

java history

History of Java Programming Language:  

Java was developed by James Gosling , a developer at  Sun Micro systems  . They needed to develop it because they were creating a project using the “C ++” language, but were not getting the results they wanted. Therefore, he himself developed a language so that his requirement could be fulfilled. The name of this language is  “Java”  .

Learning Java is much simpler than learning any other language. Most languages are almost identical to each other. Therefore, if Mastery is done in one language, then no programmer has much problem in other languages. He can easily get caught in any language. But for this it is necessary that he has a lot of knowledge in at least one language.

People who have previously learned “C” or “C++” or both have no difficulty learning Java, rather they learn Java more quickly than those who have caught Java ” C “or” C ++ “is not learned. If we say that Java is a mixed form of “C” and “C ++” and that things which were difficult to learn in “C” and “C ++” language have been removed from Java, then it will not be wrong.

But this does not mean that it is necessary to learn “C” and “C ++” before learning Java. Although if “C” and “C ++” are learned first then Java is easy to understand and learn, but still we can start learning Programming from Java. It is a complete language in itself. Even after learning Java, any other language can be learned as easily as Java is learned after learning another language.

Talking about the development of High Level Programming Languages , a language was developed for the UNIX Operating System, named “C” Language . This language was developed primarily to develop Operating System UNIX. After the UNIX Operating System was developed, the applications software for the UNIX Operating System began to be developed.

Since the “B” Language was developed to develop a System Software, various programmers had difficulty writing Application Software for UNIX in this language. Therefore, this “B” language was further simplified so that programmers could develop Application Programs in this language. This Developed Language was named “C” Language. The “C” language proved very useful in the beginning, but the way in which everything is developed, in the same way there was development in Computer Technology.

java history

Gradually the application software started becoming so big and complex, that it became very difficult to manage and maintain programs developed in “C” language. Also, as time went by, the complexity of the software also increased. So once again programmers started to feel that they need some more simple way, so that they can handle big and complex programs. This new method was also developed as per the need and this method was called Object Oriented System . Keeping this Object Oriented System in mind, the programming language was re-developed into “C” and the result of this development was in the form of “C ++” Programming Language .

However, the purpose of Java being used mostly today and the type of programming Java is known for, Java was not actually developed for it. Java was being developed to make General Electronic Equipment more intelligent, so as to provide Artificial Intelligence to various types of Equipment . Although this could not happen, but Java started working as a Dynamic Internet Programming Language .

People who were developing Java were using the “C ++” language in the project they were working on, which is an evolved form of “C” language. But what they wanted to do, they were not able to do it using “C ++”. So he developed a new language. They have developed this language on the basis of “C” and “C ++”. He wanted to make Java a very simple language, so he used all the easy concepts of “C” and “C ++” as quickly as possible and left out the complex concepts.

He also used Programming Syntax of Java Language in almost the same way as in “C” and “C ++”. In addition, he also used Concepts of many other languages in Java so that any type of software can be easily made in it and the software should be completely reliable.

In this way, Java is not only a modified version of “C” and “C ++”, but a full Programming Language based on the concepts of many other languages. However, most of its Syntax and Coding procedures are according to the “C” and “C ++” languages, so it can also be called the modified version of the “C ++” language.

As the need increases and the nature of the requirement changes, so too it becomes necessary to develop Programming Languages so that the various needs of the present can be met. On this fact, now the language beyond Java has been developed by Microsoft Company. The name of this language is “C #” (CSharp) . Includes various features of “C” , “C ++” , Java and Visual Basic Charo Languages in this language.

Microsoft provides complete IDE for Software Development in this language, in which various tasks can be done according to the need of today. But this does not mean that Java is outdated now. Even today Java has a separate and important place in the market and without learning and understanding Java, it is very difficult to understand the languages of the next generation.

However, Java did not become useful for the work for which Java was being developed. But when the developers of Java saw that the use of this language could prove to be very useful in the Interactive Programming of the Internet, then they started developing this language for the Internet. The  platform independent equipment technology  they were working on proved to be useful for the Internet.