jQuery – Introduction

jquery introduction

Introduction to jQuery

In this tutorial, you will learn what jQuery is, what are its advantages over others programming languages, and how you can use it to create programs that variety of purposes and functions. This chapter also provides examples codes so that you have a more specific idea of what to do when coding.

What is jQuery?

jQuery is a lightweight and fast JavaScript library with many features and based on the principle of “do more, write less”. Many programmers i prefer it because of its API (Application Programming Interface) which are easy usage and its ability to perform event handling, manipulation of HTML documents bypass, add animation effects and other functions that are easier execute.

If you are trying to create a webpage, you might like the fact that jQuery allows you can easily customize the page by adding effects. It is also compatible with most browsers, so you shouldn’t have a hard time using it. If you want to develop an Ajax based application, you will also love the fact that jQuery does easier and faster to process. Many large companies including IBM, Google and Microsoft also uses jQuery to develop its applications.

Advantages Of jQuery

JQuery is higher than other languages ​​in lots of ways, but perhaps Its selectors are a significant advantage. These selectors allow you to traverse DOM trees. HTML document structures more efficiently.

In addition, its non-standard methods allow you to create effects and animations such as how to show, hide and move elements with one line of code.

jQuery saves a lot of time and energy with its built-in selectors and effects. Using them, you can do other things and not get stuck. when you only do one.

jQuery makes JavaScript tasks simple and easy. This allows you create interactive web pages with many functions in just a few lines codes. For example, you can get server information and refresh pages without the need to update. jQuery is easy to use as well. You don’t want to be tech-savvy to know a way to use It.

If you have a basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML and CSS, you can start using jQuery with confidence. jQuery is compatible with many browsers. So you are using Google Chrome, Opera or Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer you may use jQuery successfully. It can also be downloaded for free, i.e. additional bonus.