PHP – Basics of Internet and Web Technology

Web Technology

We can divide the web in two parts.

  • Web Site
  • Web Application

A website is generally useful for advertising, while a Web Application is useful for managing data.

web programming

If we categorize the web in another way, we can again divide the web into two parts:

  • Front End
  • Back End

We can also divide a website into two parts:

  • Static Web Site
  • Dynamic Web Site

Dynamic website can also be divided into two parts:

  • Client Side Dynamic
  • Server Side Dynamic

Client Side Dynamic Websites  is   also called Interactive Website . Typically in these types of websites,  Front End is made interactive by using JavaScript  or  any of its frameworks in the Client Side  . Whereas   the Contents appearing on the webpage in the Server Side Dynamic Website are displayed in the Client Web Browser from the server depending on the user’s needs   .

The Web Page that appears in front of the user in the Client Side’s Web Browser is   called Front End , while  the part of the Owner Website that generates or modifies that Front End is   accessed , it  can be called Back End . .

The visible part of the website can also be divided into three parts:

  • Structure of Web Page
  • Style of Web Page
  • Behavior of Web Page

HTML  is used to determine the structure of the webpage  .
Defining the appearance of a webpage   is done by CSS JavaScript  is
responsible for making Webpage Interactivity and Dynamic  .

Similarly, the back end of the website can be divided into three parts:

  1. Web Server or Host
  2. Server Side Scripting Language
  3. Server Side Database

Generally, new  programmers do  not understand Web Clients  and  Web Server properly, which makes them  very troublesome to learn Web Programming fast  . Therefore, first of all it is important to understand what this web site is and why people build a web site.

ASP,  PHP , JSP  etc. are commonly used as the Scripting Language of Server Side  , whereas the software in which the data related to the website is stored is called Database Software, which is usually  SQL  or  MySql  . .

The decision on how to process the data coming from the Client Side takes the Server Side Scripting Language and where it is stored after processing the data, it is the  DBMS Software  .

Besides  Web Browser  typically  Client Software  is the  Web Server ,  Server Software  is. The client requests a resource and the web server completes that request and provides its desired resource to the client.