Python – Python Programming language

Introduction for Python:-

Python is the easiest language out of all these Programming Languages.

Python is a High-Level Object-Oriented Programminng Language.

Python has almost as much code as Python language in English language.

Python is the language open source language. It is available for free on any OS platform.

If you want to learn Python Language then no Basic Programming Language is required.


History of Python?

This resource programmer invented Python Language by 'Guido Van Rossum'. Python was launched in 1980 and about a decade later python was launched in 1991.

Why named Python?

This series was aired in 1969, monty Python's Flying Circus, directed by the Monty Python Group. Guido Van Rossum loved this series. Due to this, he named his Computer Language as 'Python'. The name Python Language is not derived from the name of any snake.

Python Programming Features:-

  • Easy to Learn
  • Easy to Understand
  • Easy to Read
  • Portable
  • Large Number of Libraries
  • Open-Source and Free
  • Object-Oriented
  • Embeddable
  • Extensible
python feature

Easy to Learn:
Python This language is like C, C ++ and Java language. Due to not having much keywords in this language, it can be taught quite easily.
Easy to Understand:
Due to having syntax like Plain English, it is very well understood.
Easy to Read:
Python’s program provides ease of reading because it is not too complicated.
Python Language is very easy to read and understand. It is mostly like plain English in reading language.
Python’s program is executed by porting from one platform (OS) to another platform.
Large Number of Libraries:
Python has a lot of libraries so that no specific code has to be written separately.
Open-Source and Free:
Python’s software is distributed for free. Python’s code can be read or some alterations can be done in it. It is also used commercially.
This language is also an Object-Oriented Language along with C ++ and Java. Being Object-Oriented provides ease of understanding of the program.
Python can be embed with languages ​​like C, C ++ or etc.
If the code of any other language is not working well or is working slowly, then Python can be used instead.

Applications of Python:-

1.Web Applications

Content Management System (CMS) and Frameworks are used to create web applications with the help of Python such as Django, Bottle, Flask and CherryPy and many other frameworks.

2.Gaming Applications

Some modules, libraries are used in Python for game development, such as Soya3D and Panda3D. These frameworks are used to develop high-level 3D games.

3.Scientific and Computational Applications

There are some libraries in Python for Scientific and Computational Operation such as, SciPy for scientific computing and NumPy library is used for numeric computing.

4.Graphical Applications

Python-Orge, PyQt, PyGtk and etc. frameworks are used in Python for Graphics Design.

5.ERP Applications

ERP5, ERPNext and OpenERP are used for Enterprise and Business Applications. Python has been used in Youtube, Yahoo and reddit.