What is Internet and Website?

If we understand at the Root Level, then a Web Sites is only the electronic medium to represent any information . If Professional In other words, a Web Site is actually one of the lowest costs with and providing Information from Detail of a Product of the most comfortable way for Customers in Advertising Medium is. Which various businessmen develop any of their products to sell directly through the Internet or to promote a product indirectly .


The basic purpose of advertising is to do Direct Selling or Indirect Promoting of a product, so that the owner of that product can grow the business. Internet is a great medium to grow a business like Newspaper, Radio, Television etc., where millions of people are available at any time while doing Internet Surfing and that is why various business owners make their own web site.

New web programmers usually make another mistake. Their reasoning is that not all Web sites always sell or promote a product , but the information they see on most Web sites does not mention any kind of product anywhere.

For example, there are web sites such as Google, Yahoo, etc., which allow us to search on the Internet without taking any kind of Fees, while the truth is that every web site is developed only for selling any product. And those web sites which do not do online selling or promotion, the web site is not available for long.

New Web Programmers are unaware of Marketing Fundas and Advertising Tricks . They do not see Products for Selling on every Web Site, so they understand that they are giving all the information in the Web Site Free and this is where the new Web Programmers make a mistake. Generally they understand that every product is physical , which is their biggest mistake.

For example, assume that you have completed your schooling and now you want to get admission in a Best MBA College. To know which is the best MBA College and what are the Fees, how many years of course, what are the Subjects taught, what is the status of Job Placements of Old Students, etc. to get different types of information Ask people or do you use Surfing on the Internet.

When you want to do the selection of a college through the Internet, so that you can get admission in the Best College, then you are actually seeing the advertisement of various Colleges. Because any school or college in which you will get admission, that school or college will charge you money as Fees and if that college had not built its web site, then how would you have got information about that college. If you do not know about that college through Internet, then how do you take admission there and if you do not take admission in selected college by that Internet, then how will that college collect fees from you.

If you look carefully, here you did not buy anything from that college, yet you gave him money in the form of fees. So how can you say that not every web site sells its product because its course for a college is its products and no service or course is any physical item, yet it is bought.

So basically understand that point is one of the largest in the world Internet Advertising Medium and every Web Site is not much went prepared for the Advertising of any Product, whether it be Physical Product or Virtual.

When the product is physical, then the Web site offers that product directly, so that users who see that web site can buy that product online through Directly Internet while those products which are not Directly Sellable, such as a Service Or Course, they are promoted through the Internet, so that people learn about those offered services and Web Site Owner gets more and more customers, so that its business can grow. We can call this process Indirect Selling or Promotion .

In summary, every web site belongs to some businessman and every businessman wants to get more and more customers. Therefore, understand from the perspective of a businessman, every user who visits his web site is a customer or client .

Because the user who visits an Owner’s Web Site can also be called a Client , while the Owner whose Web Site the User visits, that Web Site Owner can also be called a Server , because that Owner Provides some kind of Physical Product or Virtual Service to its user.

Just as in the Real World Client and Server are, as we described above Discussion, so when we Web talk of Development, still are Client and Server, commonly called Web Browser  and Web Server  is called.